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Sian Richards Brush Drying Rack

Sian Richards

  • $45.00

Brush Drying Rack is a compact way to dry your makeup brushes upside down after you have washed and pressed out excess water. It holds 26 Brushes: 10 larger brushes such as Blush, Bronzer, Foundation, Powder, and 16 medium sized brushes such as Eye Shadow, Lip, Concealer.

Brush Drying Rack is a compact way to dry your makeup brushes. This easy to assemble rack holds 26 brushes of all shapes and sizes. It comes flat packed and is easy to travel with as it can assemble or disassemble when you need to. There are 26 holes that have silicone necks which these grip your brush as it dries. You can turn the rack on its side and use it as a brush holder, or you can also dry brushes upside down in it.

We recommend these easy steps to make your Makeup Brushes last you a long time.

Your brush rack comes folded flat and is covered with an adhesive protective film which peels off easily . The cross bar in the center slots together to make the legs and ensures stability.

Produced in USA

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