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Sian Richards Friction Pad

Sian Richards

  • $19.00

Friction Pad is a textured semi firm silicone hand sized pad that helps you deep clean your makeup brushes. When you have lathered your brushes in Brush Shampoo, rub them over different parts of the pad for extra deep cleaning.

Friction Pad is a palm sized multi textured silicone pad that helps you to get a deeper clean for your makeup brushes.  It has three different texture patterns for different sized brushes and fits in your makeup bag. For a really deep clean, it’s best to use the wavy section for brushes like Blush, Foundation and Bronzer, and the smaller textures for Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Contour, Brown and Liner brushes. For the most effective results don’t forget to wash your brushes with hot water and our Brush Shampoo.

How To Use:
After lathering the dirty brushes in Brush Shampoo, rub in a circular motion on top of the pad.  Smaller brushes clean best on the striated areas and bigger brushes go over the main part.

When you finish washing, rinse your brushes thoroughly in hot water and press out the excess water on our Anti Bacterial Drying Cloth. If you have any makeup residue on your Friction Pad, just wash with soap and water to clean it up.

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