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Ontario Size Moulded Brick

Skycon Heritage Series Ontario Size Moulded Brick

Our moulded bricks are true Ontario Size: 8-3/8 x 2-3/8” x 4”. The colour range matches well to the majority of existing heritage buildings and provides new construction with a classic traditional character. Bricks are frogged, but about 10% per cube are solid for cutting shapes.

We also offer Ontario Size Extruded bricks for the restoration market.

Please see below sample pictures of our moulded bricks. You can contact us for availability at 416-745-0604 and

Upper Canada Moulded

Ontario Size Upper Canada Brick

Rideau Moulded

Ontario Size Rideau Moulded Brick

Forest Hill Moulded

Ontario Size Forest Hill Moulded Brick

Victorian Moulded

Ontario Size Victorian Moulded Brick

Beechwood Moulded

Ontario Size Beechwood Moulded Brick

Lehigh Moulded

Ontario Size Lehigh Moulded Brick

Rosedale Moulded

Ontario Size Rosedale Moulded Bricks