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Sian Richards Anti Bacterial Drying Cloth

Sian Richards

  • $19.00

Anti Bacterial Re-Usable Sponge Drying Cloth is an eco friendly way to dry your makeup brushes. It is a soft spongey cloth that efficiently absorbs the water when you press out your brushes after washing. If it gets too wet, just wring it out and keep using! It’s so easy!

Our Anti Bacterial Drying Cloth is the eco friendly way to dry your brushes. It is a micro fine washable and re-usable sponge cloth and very absorbent. This means you won’t waste any more paper towel because you can re-use this cloth rather than throw it away.

When you first get your Anti Bacterial Drying Cloth, it arrives folded and will feel slightly hard, so soften in a little warm water to open it up, and wring out until touch dry.

How To Use It:
After washing your brushes with our Brush Shampoo, press out the excess liquid in this cloth. When the cloth becomes too wet from your brushes, just wring out the water and keep using. When you have finished drying off your brushes, rinse your cloth under a hot tap, wring it out to remove excess water and lightly fold to dry until it goes hard again. It can also be machine washed at a cool setting.

What Makes It Anti Bacterial
It is this hardening that makes the cloth anti bacterial and the best way to save bacterial transfer. You can wash this cloth either with Brush Shampoo after you have washed your brushes, or in the washing machine on a gentle cool cycle.

When you receive your cloth, you might notice that it is stiff or hard. To avoid cracking the cloth, simply soak it in a bowl of hot water until it is completely flexible again. You will be able to re-use this cloth again and again, and it will save you having to waste paper towel to wipe your brushes on too!

Size: 23cm x 11cm

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