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Sian Richards Brush Cocoon

Sian Richards

  • $12.00

Brush Cocoon is a soft mesh sleeve that slips over your brushes and helps them to stay in shape without damaging the hair. It’s like a corset for your makeup brush and is perfect when travelling so your brushes don’t get smushed and lose their shape.

Brush Cocoon is a figure hugging fine mesh tubing that help keep the shape of your brushes. It also helps to protect them from becoming misshapen when in transit or storage; they are like a corset for brushes!

Brush Cocoon is your perfect travel solution too; how many times have you thrown your brushes into your makeup bag, only to find them all squished up? Using one will make that experience a thing of the past! Just slip your dry brushes into the soft mesh before you pack your bags to keep their shape. When you invest in beautiful SRL makeup brushes, keeping them at their best is really important and Brush Cocoons help to do just that.

Handy Tip:

Once you have washed your brushes with Brush Shampoo, slip them into the Brush Cocoon and pop them into our Brush Rack to dry off. They come in one size as they stretch to fit all types of brushes.

1 pack contains 5 pieces
Brushes Not Included

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