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BJB TC-284 Polysoft 4: 8-13 lb. Variable Density Flexible Foam

BJB Enterprises

  • $210.00

TC-284 A/B ‘PolySoft 4’ is a two-component, self-skinning, flexible polyurethane foam.  The cured material feels similar to an auto arm rest pad.  Polyurethane pigments may be added to the “B” side for developing a wide range of colours.  End users can adjust firmness with a slight ratio change as listed below.  Common applications are prototypes, bumper/crash pads, arm rests, movie special effects props and more.  Skin thickness is controlled by material/ mold temperature, and the loading of the mold.

 Note: TC-284 at a ratio of 50/100 is a firm, 8 lb. density foam.  At 30/100 ratio, the result will be a softer feel but the density increases to 13 lbs. per cubic foot.

Worktime Demold Time Ratio

20-25 seconds 30 minutes 50/100 pbw


Technical and Safety Data:

TC-284 Technical Data Sheet

TC-284 SDS - Part A

TC-284 SDS - Part B

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