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Volt Grooming Instant Beard Color

Volt Grooming

  • $35.00

10mL, Approx. 35 applications

Volt Instant Beard Color is a dye-free, hypoallergenic, brush-on beard coloring that delivers fully personalized looks in less than 60 seconds. Simply shake tube, select your style, brush on and go.

Unlike silicone and water-based brush-on or “mascara” beard coloring solutions, Volt’s exclusive alcohol-based formula provides the fastest application time and an instantly dry + water-resistant beard color. No more irritating and messy beard dye applications. No more dripping, staining, or smudging beard color, and no more waiting.

MUD | Brown – Medium brown neutral color
Best Fit
Mud can be used for a full coverage or sparse cover up (Salt & Pepper). It is a neutral medium brown color that will work well with almost any type of medium brown hair tone.

CHESTNUT | Brown Red – Medium to dark brown color with a hint of deep red
Best Fit
Volt Chestnut color blends well with almost any medium to dark brown hair including red, neutral and olive tones. The opacity can be easily controlled by the amount of product applied.
Best Color Combo
Pair it with Mud to get the most realistic appearance showing medium to darker brown tones.

ONYX | Black – Deep black color
Best Fit
Onyx works well on a hair that is dominantly black. When applied lightly and sparingly it can provide the perfect “Salt & Pepper” look on a hair that is going mostly grey. On the other hand, a full coverage can be easily achieved on patchy beards or when covering lighter spots.

Fixes Thin and Patchy Beards
Can be applied on the skin underneath facial hair, adding volume to thin or patchy beards
Maintains Color
Works as a supplemental color touch-up in between beard dyes
Works on Beard, Brows and Sideburns
Touch up your sideburns and brows to complete your look
It Goes Where You Go
Pocket size & self-contained beard coloring that can be used anywhere, anytime
Exclusive Hypoallergenic Formula
No dyes, no ammonia, no irritation
Apply It Under 60 Seconds
Ready to go. No mess, no waiting, no rinsing
Get Natural Looking Results
Blends seamlessly with natural hair
Instantly Dry And Water Resistant
Instantly water + smudge resistant
Comes Off When You Want It Off
Removes easily with soap and water
Made In South Dakota / USA
Developed + tested in our labs, Rapid City, South Dakota