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Sian Richards Nouveau Collection - Soft Concave Fan #17

Sian Richards

  • $26.00

Soft Concave Fan #17 is a unique concept makeup brush. It is a vegan narrow fan with an arc cut out of the middle and serves as a shadow or mascara shield.

Hair Type: Vegan Mongoose (Man-Made Hair)
Dimensions: 35mm (highest points) x 25mm (lowest point) x 30mm (widest point)
Application: Loose Powder, Light Cream & Liquid
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

Soft Concave Fan #17 is a unique concept makeup brush. It is a vegan narrow fan brush with an arc cut out of the middle. This brush has been created to be a shadow shield and mascara shield. Just hold it against the lash line against the skin when applying mascara to prevent mascara migration. As a shadow shield it is brilliant because it does not stick to the skin, yet prevents eye shadow dust from falling onto it. The skin around eyes is so delicate, that this brush protects skin from being stretched over time as would happen with repeated removal of sticky shadow shields. Soft Concave Fan #17 is eco friendly because it is re-usable. It’s also gorgeous for highlighting with powders and liquids. It also works great for dusting loose powder underneath the eyes to catch any eye shadow fallout. A makeup artist’s favourite!

When Soft Concave Fan #17 is used as a paint brush with Alco Colour it gives gorgeous textures and lines. It truly is a totally unique makeup brush.

How To Keep It Clean:

For a really deep clean, wipe off with IPA and then wash with hot water and Vegan Brush Shampoo.
Vegan is the formula created for vegan and man made hair brushes as it deep cleans but does not condition. Vegan makeup brushes do not need conditioning as they are a type of synthetic hair.
Once washed, this brush typically is dry and ready to use in around 15 minutes.

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