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Sian Richards Mayan Magic Liquid Wash

Sian Richards Mayan Magic Liquid Wash

Sian Richards

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Mayan Magic Liquid Wash is a light, luxurious, organic, natural, gentle soap. It’s made by artisans from powerful ingredients that have proven effects in cleansing, protecting and nourishing skin and which are rich, deeply restorative and healing. You will love this product! Your skin will feel great, look fabulous, and smell divine.

Use it all over for a heavenly experience!

Siân Says: ‘I had been wanting to create a natural liquid soap for a while after the success of Goatmilk Brush Shampoo, but never got around to it.. So, many years passed.. and then covid hit us changing everything.

I was on a week long commercial shoot, and washing my hands around 20 times a day, followed by sanitizer and hand cream, and after the first day, they started to itch. By day two, the skin between my fingers was cracking, as was the lines in the palms of my hands, and the top side of my hands were like sandpaper. No matter how much I applied lotions or creams, nothing seemed to make my skin feel good and by the end of that shoot, my hands were a mess.
So, I dived into research, reading medical paper after paper on the most effective way to prevent a virus from spreading in humans, and it all came down to one thing – washing hands! That was it; and if I was having issues, there must be millions like me struggling along too! I found myself looking at ingredients lists on labels on noticed that although so many soaps boasted quality ingredients, many of them were padded out with cheaper fillers which is why so many were ineffective. I’ve never been one to shy away from quality, so I got on the phone with my soap maker, outlined my intentions and the rest is history.

Mayan Magic Liquid Wash took us two years to perfect. We tried it out on all ages and skin types and realized that we have something special. The colour of the soap is pure, honest and looks like honey. I love it and hope you love it too!’

Mayan Magic Liquid Wash Benefits:

Avocado Oil contains vitamin D and protects dry and fragile skin that damages easily. Coconut Oil is softening, moisturizing and easily absorbed. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from first pressing contains anti inflammatory properties often helps skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and burns. Palm Oil contains vitamin A which assists in cellular regeneration; it’s also rich in essential fatty acids which create a protective barrier and help maintain healthy skin. Sunflower Seed Oil is so beneficial as it resembles human sebum so it helps to protect skin whilst it cleanses. Shea Butter has a ton of vitamin E and acts as a natural antioxidant for your skin. It has a natural SPF 3 and can reduce superficial irritations and redness. It is also extremely healing and moisturizing against chapped or dry skin. Baobab oil is rich in linoleic acids and omega 3 fatty acids which help the skin to lock in moisture and reduce inflammation. Castor Oil keeps skin looking young shiny and healthy. Goat Milk nourishes and balances skin as it has a similar pH level to human skin. It is extremely gentle and helps to calm troubled skin.

Apply with Muslin Makeoff Cloth for some exfoliation as you wash, and use Mayan Magic Moisturiser afterwards to complete the experience.

Made In USA
Suitable for All Skin Types
Suitable for Sensitive Skin


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