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Sian Richards Mayan Magic Hand & Body Moisturizer

Sian Richards Mayan Magic Hand & Body Moisturizer

Sian Richards

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Mayan Magic Moisturizer is rich, deeply restorative and extremely healing. It’s rapidly absorbed, and leaves your skin hydrated and glowing with no greasiness and you will look fabulous, feel great and smell divine! Use it everywhere!

We tested this product on 50 year olds with different skin tones to make sure it was properly tested out! We applied the moisturizer on  super dry shins (YUK!), rough and dried hands and tired out arms –  at the height of summer and at the end of the day.
GONE were ALL signs of scaly dryness – even after one application! There was a visible change,  skin glowed and appeared more youthful and supple, all elbows and knees were hydrated and any ashyness had gone . We don’t want to boast but it really is a miracle in a bottle.

Deeply Restorative Hand and Body Moisturiser

Siân Says: ‘I decided to create this formula when, during covid during a week long commercial shoot, my hands became like parchment from all the washing and hand sanitizer!  I couldn’t believe how quickly they became cracked, itchy and sore! And no matter how much I applied lotions or creams, nothing seemed to make my skin feel good. So, I started checking ingredients on labels of body moisturizers and hand creams and noticed how many were stuffed with ingredient ‘padders’ – stuff that just filled up the ingredient deck, but didn’t have much effect other than that of a placebo.

I wasn’t planning to create a skin duo originally, but I figured that even if I was the only person buying my moisturizer, I would still make it, as I would at least know it would be pure, luxurious, not padded and yield results. Not only that, but having been to the Mayan region on a movie in Mexico, I knew that they have some pretty good natural ingredients down there… And so, Mayan Magic was born. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

Oh!! and by the way….. the skin on the postcard image is totally real and untouched. It really is that good and skin maintains a gorgeous soft sheen to it that lasts for hours.'

Mayan Magic Moisturizer Benefits:

Aloe Vera is full of Polysaccharides which are water loving and help to create a protective mesh over the surface of the skin which helps to preserve it. It also contains lovely anti microbial phytochemicals which absorb UV light and so help prevent UV damage. Aloe is strong in anti inflammatory agents and also helps to heal wounds, not only repairing them, but stimulating cell growth to heal!

Avocado Oil is full of vitamin D and is a vital ingredient in any moisturizer because it softens skin, and helps promote cellular regeneration on damaged and fragile skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil doesn’t just taste good on salads, but has important anti inflammatory properties on skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Shea Butter – Nature’s Golden Child – has so much goodness in it we could create an entire page! We included it in this formula because without it, the buttery dreaminess would not be as potent. Shea is full of vitamin E and has natural anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. It has natural SPF 3 values which can help reduce redness and superficial irritations. Shea also contains allantoin which prevents and protects chafed, chapped, cracked or windburned skin because it accelerates your skin’s natural processes and increases water content as a result! Shea also helps to restore suppleness and skin flexibility due to its high proportion of stearic acid, and because it’s a butter, it is easily absorbed into the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil is rich in fatty acids and as it’s not as easily absorbed into the skin, it creates a silky seal on the surface and lets all those other magical ingredients do their work!

Jojoba Oil is an incredible oil for skin as it closely resembles sebum – which is the skin’s natural emollient. It can help control oily skin, and has anti inflammatory properties too.

Goats Milk has long been known for its gentle emollient properties too. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals that can help balance skins microbiome, calm troubled skin and help those with sensitized skin. It counters the results of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, by reducing redness and itchiness, and because it’s so gentle, it does not cause further irritation.

Best used after washing with Mayan Magic Liquid Wash.

Made In USA
Suitable for All Skin Types
Suitable for Sensitive Skin


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