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Sian Richards Innovation Collection - Stipple #14

Sian Richards

  • $20.00

Stipple #14 is a small long round tapered domed, duo textured soft hair brush. It is great for character, beauty and fx makeups and works well with Alco Colour and Longwear Creme, with paints, concealers, lip glosses and eye shadow of any texture.

Hair Type: Two Tone Vegan Taklon and Goat
Dimensions: 16mm x 8mm
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

Stipple brushes are an essential for all makeup kits and collections. They are multi functional both as special effects brushes, and beauty brushes too. Their duo hair is a combination of a straight white hair filament, and a softer shorter black body which diffuses the stroke. Stipple #14 is the smallest of 5 brushes and is great for detailed character work using Alco Colour and Longwear Creme, yet also perfect for concealer, lip gloss and cream eye shadow too.

Nicki Ledermann is an Emmy winning, Oscar nominated makeup artist and wanted this type of brush as it serves the variety of work she creates. From Devil Wears Prada and Sex In The City, to The Greatest Showman Joker, her artistry is broad and requires multi functional tools. Stipple #14 is one of her favourite brushes.

How To Keep It Clean:

Wash with Vegan Brush Shampoo and hot water. If using with intense paints, clean with IPA first then wash.

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