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Sian Richards Innovation Collection - Japanese Scribe #3

Sian Richards

  • $40.00

Japanese Scribe #3 is a calligraphy art brush for creative character work and fluid painting.
Hair Type
: Vegan Blue Squirrel (Man-Made Hair)
Dimensions: 26mm x 9mm
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

Japanese Scribe #3 is the third of 3 brushes designed in tribute to Mark Coulier.

A few years ago Siân was at a makeup show in London and met up with old friend Mark Coulier. She’s known him since Makeup School in London in the early 90’s. He was brilliant then, and it has been no surprise to see him winning numerous Academy Awards for excellence in prosthetic makeup. Mark is a gentle soul and vegan and it was he who inspired Siân to make this collection vegan instead of natural hair.

‘I asked Mark if I could design three brushes for him. He said that a style of brush he loves to paint with is a Japanese Calligraphy brush.. So I made three for him! They have been designed to let the paint flow from the base to tip and work with a watery or inky consistency paints best’. Best Used with liquified cosmetics, paints and Alco Colour

How To Keep It Clean:

Wash with hot water and Vegan Brush Shampoo

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