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Sian Richards Innovation Collection - Flat Triangle #9

Sian Richards

  • $26.00

Flat Triangle #9 is a small soft precise brush that fits the architecture of the face. It is great for graphic or softer makeup. Can be used on lips and eyes – above and below, and as a pint brush too.

Hair Type: Vegan Racoon (Man-Made Hair)
Dimensions: 13mm x 22mm
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

Flat Triangle brushes are fabulous for any type of makeup, whether foundation or character. Their special shape enables the brush to either sculpt precise makeup shapes, or to reach into the anatomy of the face with ease. Flat Triangle #9 is compact and multi functional.

Eryn Krueger Mekash is an Emmy winning artist. As department head of American Horror Story she gets to scare the world to death on a weekly basis. When Siân asked Eryn which shape she would want her to create, it was a triangular flat. Siân thought about Eryn, and how her work inspires so many kids out there, and so created a trio of brushes that would represent her properly.

How To Keep It Clean:

Wash with Vegan Brush Shampoo and hot water. If using with intense paints, clean with IPA first then wash.

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