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Sian Richards Innovation Collection - Filbert Bent Glue #8

Sian Richards

  • $25.00

Filbert Bent Glue #8 is a razor point medium glue brush that is great for gluing facial prosthetic appliances, or using to paint. Works with any type of glue or cosmetic and paint.

Hair Type: White Taklon
Dimensions: 11mm x 7mm
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓

Bent Brushes have always been a godsend. Instead of bending and twisting your back or holding your hand in some weird position that always ends up a little shaky, the bent brush makes your posture straight and your hand balanced. If you apply prosthetics or any stick on piece whether it is glitter or silicone, they make it that much easier. Flat Bent Glue #6 is an asset to any kit.

Mike Mekash is an Emmy winning artist. Siân first met him in 2004 when she hired him to create tattoo transfers for her for Paul Walker in a movie called Running Scared. Mike loves SRL brushes and to pay tribute to his artistry, Siân created all her glue brushes with Mike in mind and expanded the selection for him. Mike loves them because they clean up like new every time, they are flat and precise and make gluing prosthetics a piece of cake.

How To Keep It Clean:

Wash with Vegan Brush Shampoo and Hot water to remove paint and Pros Aide. Clean with acetone or IPA to remove glues and sealers, then wash with Brush Shampoo.

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