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Sian Richards Classic Collection - Angled Mini Fan #6A

Sian Richards

  • $25.00

Angled Mini Fan #6A is a razor edged bent unique fan. It is great for applying dynamic mascara and for opening up the eyes. It’s really good for graphic shadow liner for under the eye too.

Hair Type: Pure European Sable
Dimensions: 9mm (widest point of fan) x 7mm x 5mm
Application: Mascara
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

Angled Mini Fan #6A is a unique razor edged flat narrow fan. It applies mascara or can be used for under eye line, or concealer too.  To apply mascara, just put some mascara on a palette, then take the brush and paint it on to the lashes. For mascara impact, build up your lashes at the base by adding more. you can evenly distribute classic or block mascara easily. It’s really good for period work as such because you can control exactly how the lashes lie. You can even place the brush under the upper lashes and raise them until dry, and so use the mascara like a setting agent. This means you do not need to use a lash curler which can harm lashes. Instead, you can flip this brush over and use with powder or gel to give a razor straight underline to eyes.

Angled Mini Fan #6A gives you so much control because of it’s unique design. You can also try it with glitter gels pressing them onto the upper lid, or defining eyebrows with a soft graphic highlight.

How To Keep It Clean:

For a really deep clean, wipe off with IPA and then wash with hot water and Goat Milk Brush Shampoo.
Goatmilk is the formula created for natural hair brushes as it conditions the hair as well as deep cleans.
Once washed, this brush typically is dry and ready to use in around 5 minutes.

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