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Sian Richards Best Kept Secrets Collection - Fab Foundation #7

Sian Richards

  • $70.00

Fab Foundation #7  is a beautiful luxury densely packed full body pyramid foundation brush. It is a makeup artist favourite and best seller.

Hair Type: Pure Cashmere Goat
Dimensions: 20mm x 40mm
Application:Foundation, Blush, Powder
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

Fab Foundation #7  is a beautiful luxury densely packed full body pyramid foundation brush. It is a makeup artists favourite because of its size, the way it handles and its diversity. When you apply liquid or cream foundation with it you can achieve a gorgeous airbrushed finish. The brush places and diffuses foundations in a really special way giving maximum results every time. As a full body pyramid brush, it does not spread wide which makes it a great contour brush too. You can create soft yet dramatic contours under cheeks, jawline and neck easily.  Fab Foundation #7 is also a wonderful colouring brush when you use it with blushers, or bronzers. The soft pyramid shape lends itself to the architecture of the face and makes application quick and easy whether you use it with powders or cream makeup.

As a character and effects brush, when you use it with Alco Colour you will love the various finishes you can achieve. From delicate colour washes, to more details stipples and textures, this brush is versatile and beautiful to use.

How To Keep It Clean:

For a really deep clean, wipe off with IPA and then wash with hot water and Goat Milk Brush Shampoo.
Goatmilk is the formula created for natural hair brushes as it conditions the hair as well as deep cleans.
Once washed, this brush typically is dry and ready to use in around 50 minutes.

Note Well:
With densely packed brushes such as Fab Foundation, you can expect a little fall out as the brush bets down. For best results we advise washing the brush before using it, drying it in our Brush Cocoons as they enable the brush to retain its true shape perfectly. You can still expect a little fall out for the first few uses, but to speed this process up, flick the brush on your fingers to help some of those loose hairs come out more quickly. Once the brush is bedded down, it will be good to go. Bedding down is a normal process for densely packed makeup brushes.

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