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Sian Richards Best Kept Secrets Collection - Creative Crease #3

Sian Richards

  • $32.00

Creative Crease #3 is a narrow elongated fluffy pyramid makeup brush. It’s perfect for doing a softly diffused socket.

Hair Type: Pure Cashmere Goat
Dimensions: 7mm x 17mm
Application: Socket Blending, Highlighting, Contouring
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

Creative Crease #3 is a narrow elongated fluffy pyramid makeup brush. It is made from luxurious cashmere and is a great crease brush perfect for doing a softly defined socket. The pyramid shape makes getting the accurate depth of colour right in that crease so easy and when used with powders, the brush opens up to create a glorious finish. Creative Crease #3 also works beautifully with shimmers and glitters. It grabs a good amount of pigment and softly places it down. You will love it for delicate highlights at the very top of the cheek bone just under the eye. Then softness gives a perfect diffusion of shadow into the lid and above the socket with a soft spread. This brush is also great for concealer and works with liquids and creams.

When used with Alco Colour, it takes the form of a beautiful little paint brush and can be used to create delicate details and fill in beards hairlines and other details.

How To Keep It Clean:

For a really deep clean, wipe off with IPA and then wash with hot water and Goat Milk Brush Shampoo.
Goatmilk is the formula created for natural hair brushes as it conditions the hair as well as deep cleans.
Once washed, this brush typically is dry and ready to use in around 15 minutes.

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