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Sian Richards Best Kept Secrets Collection - Cute Concealer #2

Sian Richards

  • $26.00

Cute Concealer #2 is a small pyramid makeup brush for drama or details. Its shape lends itself for concealer, lipstick or eye shadow.

Hair Type: Pure Cashmere Goat Hair
Dimensions: 8mm x 12mm
Application: Concealer, Eyeshadow
Cruelty-free manufacturing ✓
100% renewable resources ✓
100% Made in USA ✓

Cute Concealer #2 is a small pyramid makeup brush fabulous for drama or details. Its gentle pyramid shape lends itself perfectly for concealer or lipstick as it softly applies and diffuses cream makeup. We love it for eye shadow detail when you need to do extended shadow towards the temples. Its pointed tip is great for highlighting under brows, and giving a soft graduation to under eyes with the tip towards the lash bed. Cute Concealer #2 works with powder, gel, cream or paint, like Alco Colour and is a diverse and gorgeous addition to your collection. It’s such a fabulous size and shape – to own it is to love it.

How To Keep It Clean:

For a really deep clean, wipe off with IPA and then wash with hot water and Goat Milk Brush Shampoo.
Goatmilk is the formula created for natural hair brushes as it conditions the hair as well as deep cleans.
Once washed, this brush typically is dry and ready to use in around 10 minutes.

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