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Sian Richards Wet

Sian Richards Wet

Sian Richards

  • $65.00

Wet is a magical makeup liquefier that transforms any type of makeup into a liquid. Use this clever clear essence to sheer down full coverage, long wearing, waterproof foundations, then watch the real magic happen as once set, your transformed product stays put for up to 24 hours.  Wet is alcohol free and combines with cosmetics without irritating sensitive skin which makes it safe to use around eyes.

But there’s more!! Want your eyeshadows, blusher or bronzer transformed into a liquid formula? No problem! Got a cream makeup that has dried a little? Bring it back to life with Wet. You can even use your liquefied products in an airbrush for flawless results or turn any type of makeup into a paint; the possibilities are limitless, so let your imagination free with Wet!

A tiny amount achieves huge results!

Wet Functionality with SRL Hydrorproof based products in a Nutshell:

Make Airbrush cosmetics like foundations
Make colour washes like liquid complection colours
Make liquid eyeliner and mascara
Create sheer skin changing colours and tints
Make unique temporary hair tints to paint in or touch roots out
Make liquid lipstick
Restores dried Hydroproof 100%

Made In USA

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