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Sian Richards 4K Off

Sian Richards 4K Off

Sian Richards

  • $65.00

4K Off is a magical makeup remover. It’s been created to remove waterproof makeup and is the perfect cleanser for Hydroproof.
It gently takes off stubborn eye makeup or waterproof mascara and leaves skin feeling silky soft and dewy to the touch.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin.

For best results with 4K Off, use a small amount and massage it on to your face to to emulsify your makeup. Then take a dampened Muslin Makeoff Cloth  to remove the lot.

4K Off can also be used for eyes and waterproof mascara and we recommend you apply it gently with a cotton pad to the lashes with your eyes closed in a downward stroke from the upper lids down. Then remove under the eye with a clean pad from inner to outer edge gently and smoothly.

Made In USA
Good For All Skin Types
Gentle on Skin

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