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Clink Street FX Theatrical Blood - Neill's Materials

Neill's Materials

  • $70.00

This is a realistic non-drying blood for use directly on the skin and prosthetic. Drips, smears and spatters to great effect.

Available in three colours -

Arterial Bright: a clean bright application for use on fresh wounds and gashes

Venous Medium: a medium blood for use on wounds and serious injury

Aged Dark: a dark aged blood for use on open wounds and gashes


  • Skin safe
  • Edible (peppermint taste)
  • Non-beading
  • Non-staining, washes out of fabric easily (always perform a patch test)
  • Super smooth glossy texture
  • Intense visceral colour

Removal: Clink Street Bloods wash away easily with soapy water. To remove from fabric, wash at 40°C with detergent.

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