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MelPAX Airbrush Thinner

MelPAX Airbrush Thinner


  • $15.00

MelPAX Airbrush Thinner is used with any of your favorite MelPAX Colors with a 1:1 ratio.

Keep away from Eyes!

Shake Well!

Will MelPAX Clog My Airbrush?

Not at all! Not if you clean after each color using Mel Products MelPAX Airbrush Cleaner! 

What Is The Difference Between MelPAX Thinner and Airbrush Thinner?

The difference is right in the name. MelPAX Thinner is for creating washes or glazes. Helps to reduce opacity of MelPAX to give a "Water Color" Effect. MelPAX Airbrush Thinner is strictly for thinning the MelPAX for the Airbrush. **These two CANNOT be interchanged**

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