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Masternet Solid Fiberglass Mesh (45 square metre roll)

Masternet Solid Fiberglass Mesh (45 square metre roll)


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Alkali-resistant fiberglass strengthening stucco mesh. 

Standard Roll Size: 45 m X 1 m = 45 m2 / 147.64’ X 3.28’= 484.25 ft2

Product Information Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


Glass fiber, with alkali-resistant and fiber-fixing coating.


Reinforcing glass fiber mesh for external thermal insulation system overlapping. Moving continually from up to down surface by 10 mm notched trowel, then smoothing it so that the reinforcing mesh is positioned in the middle (by EPS) or in the third (by MW) of the base coat layer and covered completely.

Use as a reinforcing material with ICF parge coat or similar cementitious materials.

Main application areas

  • EPS stucco
  • Parging
  • Reinforcing concrete or plaster

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