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AFX On Location 'Filthy' 60mL

AFX On Location 'Filthy' 60mL

Allied FX

  • $44.00

We all love great products. So when we say that Filthy is quite possibly the strongest, longest lasting 'dirt' in the world, we mean it.
Our formula contains unique, slow-drying solvents that give you time to spray, rub, stipple, smudge and work the product into the skin.
~ Thin with alcohol for subtle lived-in effects.
~ Build and work-up for textured 3-D effects.

Use a combination of colours for extra depth.
Can be layered with cosmetic dusts and artificial perspiration.

Remove with Vanish, Clean Up, or other professional cleansers.

Comes in four colours - Oily (a greenish-black) and Muddy (a reddish-brown) and NOW AVAILABLE - Gravel (a soft taupe) and Grime (a neutral ash brown).