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EBA FX Airbrush Kit I


  • $300.00

This is a great compact airbrush kit for professionals and students alike. 


-Element Compressor
(Max Pressure:30psi, 1/8HP)
– Epic Double Action Top Feed Airbrush
– Airbrush Case with foam
– 10ft. Braided Hose
– Hose Moisture Trap

Although compact in size, the oil and maintenance free Element Compressor is capable of producing 15psi of continuous spraying flow and a maximum pressure of 30 psi. It comes with an adjustable pressure regulator, pressure gauge, on/off switch, and a 1/8 inch male hose fitting. The Element Compressor is recommended for small to medium size applications including airbrush foundation (Endura SKT), special fx, colour cosmetics, face art, extreme beauty and airbrush tattoos. 

  • Maintenance and oil free
  • Piston type
  • Continuous flow
  • Max. continuous pressure 15psi
  • Max. pressure 30 psi
  • 1/8 horsepower
  • On/Off switch
  • Compact size 6 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Pressure gauge
  • 1/8 inch air-hose fitting

EBA Epic DAT Airbrush is a top feed, high-paint-flow, high-detail double action, internal mix airbrush.

EBA DAT Airbrush is equipped with an exclusive trigger mechanism consisting of one piece. The new and innovative one piece trigger mechanism eliminates issues caused by the standard hinge operated triggers which tend to break easily and require extended time to assemble and disassemble.

The nozzle cap comes in a new and innovative shape, The Crown. While The Crown protects the needle it also prevents paint from adhering to the inside of the cap and eventually clogging the airbrush. The crown needle cap also allows increased control over detail and it can be removed at any time allowing for even finer detail performance.

EBA Epic DAT Airbrush cutaway handle is a special feature that allows fast free up of paint clogs without having to remove the handle and the needle. All EBA airbrushes are available with EBA exclusive colour coordinated handle technology allowing artists to rapidly switch between colours.

The EBA Epic DAT 0.5mm airbrush has established a new standard for excellence in all-purpose airbrush line.

  • Double action gravity feed
  • High detail 5mm airbrush
  • Allows efficient colour exchange

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