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EBA AirSolve Airbrush Cleaner (Alcohol-Based) 16oz

EBA AirSolve Airbrush Cleaner (Alcohol-Based) 16oz


  • $12.50

AirSolve airbrush cleaner cleans and flushes airbrush equipment both effectively and efficiently. Formulated in EBA labs, AirSolve works exceptionally well with Endura makeup but will also remove other alcohol-based makeups.

AirSolve contains 200 proof alcohol; Therefore, a smaller amount of AirSolve is more effective at breaking down alcohol-based makeup when compared to over-the-counter 91% alcohol (and 9% water). Additionally, the added lubricants in AirSolve help prevent excessive dryness and cracking in airbrush O-rings, even when cleaning regularly.

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