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Cellona Plaster of Paris Bandages, Box of 12

Lohmann & Rauscher

  • $29.00

12 in a box. Available in 4", 6", or 8".

Ready-to-dip Cellona Plaster of Paris Bandages' thick and creamy texture easily shapes to the most complex anatomy. You can easily smooth it around any surface and mold it for reinforcing without creating compression points. Cellona Plaster creates a smooth, appealing cast finish and doesn't sacrifice strength for creaminess. It provides the full, proven strength of time-tested plaster immobilization.

Extra creaminess for extra moldability; Cellona Plaster of Paris Bandages are an excellent choice for creating quality, detailed impression molds of a residual limb or foot for the purpose of making an orthotic or prosthetic.

The functional green core has holes that allow water to circulate into the interior of the bandage, eliminating troublesome dry spots. The firm core also helps prevent the roll from collapsing or telescoping, especially in wider rolls.

Rapid wet-out and consistent extra-fast set times reduce time required during application.