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AFX Aquagel Colorwash Intense 30mL

Allied FX

  • $24.00

Sheers like a dye - builds like a pigment.

The most unique water-based colour system available. These water-based gels have been formulated with special fixatives for both greater wear longevity and ensuring they dry and wear colour true. All of these water-based gels have been formulated specifically to be alcohol resistant – and they can even be layered with the Bluebird and Sideshow Ink range!

  • 20 colours, including a range of neutral tones.
  • Colourwash Clear: to blend and soften, without compromising staying power.
  • Ideal for natural, character, beauty & injury. 
  • Clear for mixing & blending. 
  • More visible on darker skin. 
  • Gentle, water-based alternative to alcohol colour. 
  • Pigment-free for longer staying power. 
  • Dries and wears colour-true. 
  • Special fixatives for greater longevity.