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Pros-Aide "No Tack" Adhesive


  • $28.00

Pros-Aide "No-Tack" is a medical grade water-based adhesive.

  • Pros-Aide is a contact adhesive: when an adhesive is a contact this means it adheres to itself, taking along whatever it is attached to;
  • Pros-Aide No-Tack has all the great properties of The Original Pros-Aide but with less residual tackiness;
  • It is used just like Pros-Aide for producing PAX paint but has significantly reduced stickiness or tack after drying;
  • Has great adhesion, water-resistance and flexibility;
  • Pros-Aide adhesive products do not contain the allergen, rubber-based latex.

Please note that this product will be unusable if it freezes. Skycon will not accept responsibility for product damage due to freezing when shipping in cold temperatures. 

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