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Poly Plasti-Flex 47-20 (50 lb. Kit)

Poly Plasti-Flex 47-20 (50 lb. Kit)


  • $335.00

Poly Plasti-Flex 47-20 is a flexible polyurethane casting plastic that is most often used for making slightly flexible and impact-resistant parts such as decorative trim, flex molding and millwork. Poly Plasti-Flex 47-20 also works well for casting props and display items requiring high impact resistance. Plasti-Flex 47-20 was formulated especially for Skycon to be economical and easy to use with a 1A:4B mix ratio by weight. This product can be machined, drilled, sanded (contains no silica), and painted.

Mix Ratio: 25A:100B by Weight

Pot Life: 5 minutes

Demold Time: 60 minutes

Safety Data Sheet Part A

Safety Data Sheet Part B

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