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Zhermack AL-PR Fast Setting Alginate (500g bag)
Zhermack AL-PR Fast Setting Alginate (500g bag)
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Ruco Pail of Equalizer
Item #: 1308

Ruco Pail of Equalizer, 5 gal. Equalizer is a specially formulated product designed to minimize surface texture and porosity differences between wallboard face paper and finished joints in new drywall construction. “Joint banding” and “photographing” are common problems that occur due to the differences in absorption rates between drywall face paper and joint compound. This is especially problematic when viewed in direct natural lighting conditions. Ordinary primers/sealers do not adequately address this situation either because they simply provide a film that covers the surface or they lack the necessary type and amount of pigments and/or fillers. RuCoat Equalizer solves this problem by equalizing the porosity of the wallboard face paper and joint compound, thus minimizing the surface texture differences. The result is a more uniform surface that dramatically improves the finish coat.

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