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Zhermack AL-PR Fast Setting Alginate (500g bag)
Zhermack AL-PR Fast Setting Alginate (500g bag)
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EasyFlo 90(1 gal)
Item #: 2449

EasyFlo 90 (1 gal kit)

EasyFlo 90 is a 1:1 by volume, low viscosity polyurethane casting plastic with a 5 min. working time and a 20-60 min. demold for larger pours than can be comfortably done using EasyFlo 60. EasyFlo 90 can be color cast using PolyColor dyes and can be filled to reduce resin costs with dry fillers such as PolyFil ND. EasyFlo products are great for making bubble-free decorative objects, production parts, tools, models, duplicate masters and more.

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