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Hypafix Transparent Film Roll (10cm x 10m)
Hypafix Transparent Film Roll (10cm x 10m)
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Natural Hydraulic Lime 2
Item #: 14190

25kg Bag Natural Hydraulic Lime 2

For use in restoration mortars, injection grout, decorative finishes, repointing, and eco-building.

Restoration: Characteristics of elasticity and permeability to water vapor, salt resistance and the moderate development of mechanical resistance, ensure an excellent preservation of historical buildings.

Sustainable Building: The production of Natural Hydraulic Lime requires a smaller amount of energy, thus releasing less CO2, when compared to other conventional hydraulic binders. It is a breathable and durable material with a unique capacity to absorb CO2 during the carbonation process of its free lime content. As a result, this product is ideal for interior and exterior plastering on straw bale homes. The mortars produced with Natural Hydraulic Lime are also highly recyclable materials.

Please contact 416-745-0604 for pricing.

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